2 02, 2017

Have You Been To The New Goodwill in Clearwater?

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You know that feeling when you open your closet and sigh because you’re tired of everything in there? I was there. So I took a trip to my favorite place to freshen up my blouse collection.

The new Goodwill in Clearwater has a great collection of business and business casual clothes!

I tend to stick to a lot of the same color palette so I can mix and match as many pieces as possible.



I plan on wearing this $4.27 Covington lace overlay shirt with a black pencil skirt.


Grey Blouse


These two drapey shirts are super comfortable and will go with many items already in my closet. They were $4.27 each and the solid one is brand new with $38.00 price tags!


Drapey Shirts


This cute little peplum is great for a dinner date! I love the rose gold neckline embellishment. This one was only $4.27 too.



1 02, 2017

Husband’s Treasures

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I’m not new to the thrifting game, so I’d like to introduce you to some of my older treasures.

I find treasures for my husband all the time at Goodwill, which is great because clothing size ginormous people usually comes with ginormous price tags.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve found for him while hunting.

These two pairs of Converse were brand new. Maybe someone walked around one time…on some carpet. Maybe. $12.46 each, normally retailing around $50.

These Nike Hyper Aggressor Sneakers were less than $16 and were also new. They remind me of the 90’s!.


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