31 07, 2017

Heels & Hobnail

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My lovely cousin Sarah texted me this week and asked if I wanted to go to Goodwill with her. She’s the one getting married in November, remember? She’s on the hunt for hobnail glass vases (??? ← me until I Googled) and some other wedding related items. Obviously I said yes! We’d meet there in 20 minutes.

I got there first, grabbed a cart and headed straight for the shoes. Always get a cart! Always! You’ll look silly carrying all those goodies around the store like a wandering nomad ?

Found some nearly new black pumps! Woohoo. I wear my black pumps until their last days, so finding a new pair makes this huntress happy.

I cheesily broke out the selfie stick to document this NWOT jersey knit Old Navy dress I found on the same trip for $5.98! Paired with that nearly new pair of Jessica Simpson pumps? $16 outfit!

I have no photos wearing this little beaut yet; first she needs some love and definitely an iron! But here’s a fitting room sneak peek because I’m just so excited…

Tags On. Nine West. Boutique Item. COLOR OF THE WEEK!!! Meaning, it was 50% off its already low price!

This gorgeous red girl came home with me for just $4.99! I tried in vain to find her for sale online somewhere to gauge my savings, but I fell short. I’d guess she doesn’t retail for any less than $50!

I couldn’t leave you hanging on the cool things Sarah found for her Old Florida themed wedding! She did snag a hobnail glass vase, and for only $1.98! Only three more to find!

And she found this nifty wooden box she plans on using to display her collection of vintage post cards! I can’t wait to see what she does with the rest of the theme.

I keep my eyes peeled for her every time I go because you just don’t know what you might find on any given trip.

On that note, I think in the future I’d like to share some of my most unique finds with you! You might even see something from this trip ?

Until then, Happy Hunting! May all your tags be the Color of the Week!

6 07, 2017

Goodwill in the House!

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Goodwill isn’t just my favorite place for clothes. Some of my absolute favorite household pieces have come from “the back area” of the store. Have you been to the Gandy location? That area is huuuuuuuuuge and there are both used and new items available. It recently got a pretty sweet revamp and is definitely worth checking out.

I’m a big fan of the recycle-upcycle trend and while I’m the worst at crafting, I’m pretty good at begging my husband to craft a million things for me (not to brag.) Luckily he’s SUPER HANDY and I must be super cute because he’s built me so many treasures!

First off, I want to share my favorite furniture find. My dining room table! Rewind all the way to 2015: Hubby and I are living in a one bedroom apartment, deciding if we want to move permanently to St. Pete. I take a routine trip to Goodwill with my friend Whitney when I stumble upon this beauty in “the back area.” It stops me in my tracks. I check the tag. $103. No way. It’s marble; this can’t be true. Surely there’s a catch. I crawl underneath, looking for cracks, checking for water damage. “Miss?” I hear. “You won’t find anything under there. We just put that together out of the box this morning.” IT’S BRAND NEW.

And it fit in Whitney’s SUV like a glove 😉

I was so dedicated to this table that it sat, unassembled, in our one bedroom’s tiny dining area for 8 months before coming to its final resting place in our home:

Hubby takes all the credit for this next one. He built me this custom vanity (!!!) from these two end pieces we think came from a kid’s bedroom set. They were $20 each and are awesome for hiding all your messy looking products when you live in one of those old Florida houses with tiny bathrooms! (Did we find the mirror on the side of the road with the word “free” on it? Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.)

Sometimes there are these bins of random stuff at Goodwill just kind of hanging out in the middle of everything. I’m not sure if it’s merchandise waiting to be put out, or if I’m supposed to rummage through them (sorry!) but there are usually some pretty nifty things in there. Let me introduce my coolest find, Weeping Buddha. According to some internet searching, he takes away the grief of the world and brings peace and strength to those that rub his back. Definitely a worthy add to my house for $5.26.

Have you found any treasures at our local Goodwill stores that are special to you? Please share them! We’d love to see what you’ve found!

Until next time, happy hunting!