Heels & Hobnail

My lovely cousin Sarah texted me this week and asked if I wanted to go to Goodwill with her. She’s the one getting married in November, remember? She’s on the hunt for hobnail glass vases (??? ← me until I Googled) and some other wedding related items. Obviously I said yes! We’d meet there in 20 minutes.

I got there first, grabbed a cart and headed straight for the shoes. Always get a cart! Always! You’ll look silly carrying all those goodies around the store like a wandering nomad ?

Found some nearly new black pumps! Woohoo. I wear my black pumps until their last days, so finding a new pair makes this huntress happy.

I cheesily broke out the selfie stick to document this NWOT jersey knit Old Navy dress I found on the same trip for $5.98! Paired with that nearly new pair of Jessica Simpson pumps? $16 outfit!

I have no photos wearing this little beaut yet; first she needs some love and definitely an iron! But here’s a fitting room sneak peek because I’m just so excited…

Tags On. Nine West. Boutique Item. COLOR OF THE WEEK!!! Meaning, it was 50% off its already low price!

This gorgeous red girl came home with me for just $4.99! I tried in vain to find her for sale online somewhere to gauge my savings, but I fell short. I’d guess she doesn’t retail for any less than $50!

I couldn’t leave you hanging on the cool things Sarah found for her Old Florida themed wedding! She did snag a hobnail glass vase, and for only $1.98! Only three more to find!

And she found this nifty wooden box she plans on using to display her collection of vintage post cards! I can’t wait to see what she does with the rest of the theme.

I keep my eyes peeled for her every time I go because you just don’t know what you might find on any given trip.

On that note, I think in the future I’d like to share some of my most unique finds with you! You might even see something from this trip ?

Until then, Happy Hunting! May all your tags be the Color of the Week!

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