11 12, 2017

Baby, let’s cruise!

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I’m going on a cruise. I thought I’d go to Goodwill and find all sorts of fun tropical stuff. I tried. Instead I found stuff I’ll use for work AND some fun holiday dresses! No complaints here.

Are you a size 4? I’m not and have no plans to be, but this dress made me wish I was! If you are, you should rush down to the Central location and see if you can find this Vince Camuto dress for $12.98. It still has all the tags on it… including the $165 manufacturer’s tag! Someone, PLEASE?! This is a fashion emergency. This dress needs to be worn!


It’s so not cruisewear, but I’ve already worn this Alfani dress to work this week. It was a boutique item for $9.98, but I couldn’t leave it there with the flared skirt masquerading as pleats. I paired it with some plain black heels (you get one guess where they came from) and a casual blazer and it was the perfect look for work!

My mom vetoed this little boutique dress because it looks too much like another dress I own! She was right, and when you thrift as much as I do, you need to make wise choices. I always have a laundry basket in my closet of items ready to be returned to the Goodwill Circle of Life. Sometimes you just don’t wear something like you thought you would. Sometimes the color is great, but doesn’t match anything else you have. Sometimes you just found something you liked better and it turns out you wear that more! Regardless, remember to always give back–in more ways than one!

P.S. — everyone text-shops with their mom, right?

For reference, here is the dress that looked too similar. I like what I like!

I think this dress is coming with me for cruise formal night. Hooray! That was the goal, after all. It’s a London Times dress and if it was worn, it was very lightly. The fabric feels stiff and new. I “splurged” and spent $9.98 on this boutique item too, but I foresee many wears in its future, and I already know which dress it’ll replace in my closet. One with a similar cut, but a funky length that I’m never 100% pleased with. Goodwill Circle of Life!

I’ll save some of my other goodies (including the dress with a stain I knowingly took a HUGE chance on) for another post, but I will share these cruise-perfect Aldo wedges before I go! $6.96 and very lightly used, only on carpet. Maybe even just as a display model. Goodwill, never stop being you!

Until next time, Bon Voyage, thrifters!



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