Freezing, Schmeezing!

Brrrr! Were you ready for this cold snap? I was, thanks to Goodwill!

I brought out my favorite “Florida” sweater, an Ann Taylor piece I bought a few months ago for $4.98 and paired it with a pair of white Talbot’s dress pants for $6.98. (These pants aren’t stretchy and it’s post-holiday season. Oof.)


I thought maybe the camouflage would allow me to blend into the walls and avoid working, but alas, that did not work 😉

But what about outside?! My thin-blooded arms would freeze! Nahhhh. I’ve got them covered (pun intended) with this (maybe vintage?) nifty maroon blazer that’s one of my favorite color pop pieces! It’s wool and is VERY warm and has cost me about a quarter per wear at this point since it’s been with me for so many years. It’s traveled to Philadelphia and Boston and has never let me down.

I personally love this chilly opportunity to wear the things in my closet that only see light once a year!

What is your favorite cold weather Goodwill find?

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