Shoes, Skirts, Repeat!

First off, I have a confession to make. I didn’t buy this shirt at Goodwill. I bought it at Target more years ago than I will admit here and it is two sizes too big. BUT it’s great for days you feel like wearing something light and blousy and no one knows a thing once you cinch it with a belt!

I paired it with a LuLaRoe skirt I found brand new a few months ago. I’ll admit I’d always been curious about the hype of this particular brand but I wasn’t willing to spend the amount of money required to buy….anything from them. It was super convenient to find my favorite article of clothing to test out for less than $5!

The faux-leather Jessica Simpson heels are my go-to rainy weather shoe. While I prefer leather, it’s a great idea to keep something synthetic in your closet for those (ever-present) Florida rainy days. I never worry about ruining them. And the day I do…I’ll go find another pair!

I had to work for these next shoes but they are oh-so-worth-it. I bought them for $9.98 with stars in my eyes a while ago. I didn’t inspect them well enough and when I got them home I discovered


that I somehow missed in the store! I had a wedding to attend recently and they were the absolute perfect shoe…so I sewed. And I sewed. And I sewed some more. And in the end, you couldn’t even tell and they held up all night.

Considering they retail for over $100, I’d say it was a good save. They’re pretty funky but I can’t wait to find something else to wear them with!

shoes and skirt

Happy Hunting, my friends! I hope you’re leaving some pencil skirts and heels for me!

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