Rainy Days & Mondays

My GOODNESS it’s been raining a lot lately! I’ve killed a lot of rainy hours this month inside Goodwill. Whenever that happens, I end up looking at all the goodies I would normally breeze past. New home goods! Ooo a cat toy. And you just know you’ll find something good in the art bin. Something like, a needlepoint monk, perhaps?

needlepoint monk

(And no, you can’t have it. One friend has already requested that I go back and purchase it for her.)

I also found this nifty shelf-mirror which I sent to my husband as a hint but he was either too slow to respond or very smart. I suspect the latter.

On a recent rainy Sunday, I visited the new Goodwill at 2550 34th St. N. in St. Pete. My cousin Sarah came with me (a fellow GW Enthusiast!) and we listened to it pour while we wandered. I didn’t leave with much, but I did find these (brand new?!) Nike sneakers! $6.96! Woohoo! Sarah left with a cart full of various home decor and made me promise to keep my eyes peeled for dining room chairs. I’m on it!

I also brought home a new casual T-shirt from American Eagle that I paid less than $3 after Goodwill’s Color of the Week discount! I have already worn it while eating and dropped food on it. I am a mess.

In all reality, I’ve been doing the 9-5 grind a lot lately with an event thrown in here or there. I recently figured out a way to pair two items from Goodwill I’ve worn separately a million times and I got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on my “cute little set.” News flash: not a set. And not a name brand. (Except those Aldo pumps I’ve featured before.) But let’s not let them know that.


Looking forward to sharing some more of my new pairings with you! Happy Hunting!

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