29 08, 2018

Red,White & Thrifty!

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I’ve come to realize my promise of no bathroom selfies just isn’t feasible. One only has access to so many full length mirrors in their daily lives.

This next little patriotic outfit will definitely be on repeat in my closet even though I’ve had all the pieces forever! I paired this Liz Claiborne navy peplum top with a LuLaRoe bright red skirt and a pair of suede Jessica Simpson heels. Everything from Goodwill except that awesome necklace–that comes from my mama’s stash of cool stuff she’s given me over the years.

The white is obviously my pale skin. America!

outfit selfie

Story time! On a recent trip to the Goodwill store on Gandy Blvd, it seemed like all of St. Pete had come out with me. There were people everywhere. I loved seeing so many people finding deals! While we were waiting to check out, a cute little girl was entertaining herself by trying on all the sunglasses. She tried on this next pair, grinned, and put them back. So I snagged them. Who wouldn’t snag brand new Foster Grants for just $3.99?!?

Full disclosure, on the same Goodwill trip I didn’t end up buying these next shoes, which I may end up regretting. They were super, super cute but I just couldn’t see myself wearing them with much AND they weren’t exactly the most comfortable. They were only $7.96 but I decided to save my closet for something I would both love and wear often. Plus I’d never heard of the brand. Lots of cons, not many pros. But look how cute…

I’ll leave you with this photo of me obviously feeling myself in head to toe Goodwill. Goodwill blouse. Goodwill skirt. Goodwill shoes.

You guys know I love the bright cheery colors in office settings! I did just donate this skirt too, so it’s up for grabs if you guys really like 😉

outfit selfie

10 08, 2018

Boots, flats, tops and capris!

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On big laundry days, I laugh because my wardrobe is so similar when I see it all in one place. Here’s a recent “dry-cleaning” session in my bathroom. Notice a trend?

hanging clothes

Can you pick the new stuff?! Five of those nine hanging pieces are new additions to my closet after an incredibly successful day at the Gandy Goodwill at 10596 Gandy Blvd. in St. Pete. Those five items cost me less than $20!

  • American Eagle top $2.98
  • C&E printed top $4.48
  • Violet & Claire peplum top $4.48
  • eci floral pants $4.98
  • Dana Buchanan capri pants $4.98 but 50% off because they were the color tag of the week!

I also found two new pairs of shoes (gasp…not heels!) on that same trip! This pair of Bamboo nude flats was only $3.50 after their 50% off deal. I took a Magic Eraser to them at home and you can see the difference below. Someone gave up on them too soon! And they allowed me to donate a pair of nude heels in my closet. It’s the Circle of Goodwill Life!

pair of shoes

I also found these amazingly soft leather Sam Edelman ankle boots for $6.96 on that same Gandy trip. Maybe I can’t wear them for a few months, but they will be worth every morning I pass them by in my closet. This brand of boots retails for quite a bit more (check out Nordstrom and the like) so I was super excited to find them.

ankle boots

After Goodwill, I scooted across the bridge and checked out this little nugget, my friend Whitney’s new kid Finnegan! I can’t promise you’ll find anything like him at the stores, but I thought I’d share him anyway. Happy Hunting!

sleeping puppy


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