26 12, 2019

My Resolution: Be Super Stylish!

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Hello lovely friends/thrifters,

I hope you’re having a great holiday season! I know I am. A few days ago I had the pleasure of modeling for Goodwill on FOX 13’s Good Day Tampa Bay morning show. The segment was about how to dress for less for the holidays. This outfit and all the others featured that morning were from Goodwill. I think my outfit would be perfect for an evening Christmas church service or a fancy holiday dinner party. It’s a classic!

full outfit

The A-line Kardashian Kollection dress from the Goodwill in Oldsmar was priced at $5.98. I must admit, I was not over-the-top excited when I saw the dress until I tried it on. The cutout back and the gold shimmer makes the dress more fun and irresistible, and adds just the right touch of PARTY!

See what I mean?

With the indecisive nature of Florida weather, you  never know when some chilly weather might sneak up on you. So I matched the dress with a BCBG cape coat I found at the Tampa Goodwill. The Goodwill price was just $9.98! Say what?! Yup you read that right.

BCBG is an expensive brand I can only afford from Goodwill! The coat is almost new and a steal at a fraction of its regular retail price. (To be honest, I feel like I cheated Goodwill on this one, but that’s what makes thrifting fun!)

Feeling warm and fashionable!

An outfit like this isn’t complete without some great shoes! Again, Goodwill for the win! The sparkly gold heels are by Enzo Angiolini, and I snatched them up from the St. Petersburg Goodwill on Gandy Blvd. Enzo Angiolini shoes can be found at Nordstrom, Dillards, and Macy’s. You can guess how high of a price they retail for. But Goodwill never fails! These extremely comfortable and like-new high heels were just $9.96! Catch me on the dance floor for New Year’s Eve in them!

How much more dazzling can you look for just under 30 bucks? Thank you Goodwill!

20 12, 2019

Thanks, it has pockets!

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Hello lovely thrifters!

On this week’s hunt, I came across a dress that would be perfect to wear for a holiday gathering with friends and family! It’s really comfy, and best of all it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Plus it can be worn in the summer and winter (Florida winters anyway!) And who doesn’t like an outfit that can multi-task, right?

From a distance the color made it seem a little worn, but it isn’t! Best of all, the price at Goodwill was just $5.98, which is what most dresses are sold for at Goodwill.

dress on hanger

Did I mention it has POCKETS? Sign me up for any dress with pockets! It was one of the main reasons I chose it. It reminds me of this meme!:

For our cooler “winter” weather, I decided to pair the dress with a light sweater turtleneck I already owned.

blogger in outfit
Cute right?

To make the outfit a bit festive, I also threw on a pair of red earrings and matched them with a cute red bag. An outfit is almost never complete if I’m not wearing a ring. All the emerald-colored rings I’m wearing here are from Goodwill, and they usually sell for around $6.98

blogger wearing dress

A friend invited me over for a Christmas party dinner and I can’t wait to attend with my super cute dress from Goodwill…with POCKETS! I’ll be stuffing all the yummy desserts in them!

10 12, 2019

Joy to My Wallet!

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Hello lovely thrifters,
I’m Esther Bemah, also known as @thriftybesther on Instagram. About a year ago, I realized I could share my thrifted outfits and style with my friends on Instagram. I want people to know you CAN look your best on a budget! Nothing is more exciting than wearing your favorite brand labels at inexpensive prices while looking your absolute best! I’m super excited to use this space to share my love for thrifting and hopefully encourage you all to keep up the thrift life.

So, this past weekend I had the privilege of attending a Christmas party. I knew Goodwill would be the best place I could find the outfit I wanted to wear to the event. Lo and behold, Goodwill never ceases to amaze me! I found a brand new cute black mini dress from Zara. The original price was €39.95: which converts to about $44.00. But guess how much I purchased it from Goodwill?

dress and price tag
YUP, just $5.98 at Goodwill, brand new, tags still on!

I was able to pair the dress with red Calvin Klein heels, which were $14.96 at Goodwill, but the original price on Calvin’s website was over $100! You can see from the picture, the are like-new and super festive!

Also, since the evening weather was a bit chilly, I threw on a black London Fog jacket I thrifted over a year ago from Goodwill. I accessorized the outfit with two rings I purchased from Goodwill as well.

My outfit was incredibly comfortable, especially the shoes. I was able to dance the night away; which made me thoroughly enjoy the event! Below are some pictures of how I styled my new outfit.

I cannot wait to share more of my future finds!

Happy thrifting and Merry Christmas!