30 11, 2020

Tis the Season to Save!

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Hello thrifters! I can’t believe the holidays have already drawn near and I bet you are heavily involved in holiday shopping! If so, you should know Goodwill is now running a $5 off coupon! You can find it here: http://bit.ly/35H65b3

Just show the coupon on your phone to the cashier and you’re good to go! There are always great things at Goodwill for the holidays – from new ornaments and home décor to donated dishes and platters perfect for family dinners!

Today I want to share with you some simple yet sophisticated attire I found at Goodwill. I found this tunic style top for $7.98.

shirt with tags

A great price, especially for a piece that was brand new with tags still on! I love it when that happens! The material is stretchy and it feels really soft. I’ve worn it all week while running errands and going for a stroll.

When I wanted to dress up a bit I paired the top with these boots I bought last year from Goodwill. Pairing the boots with the outfit makes me have an autumn feel – although Florida weather doesn’t permit wearing boots all the time. (We all know how our “autumn weather” is.)

modeling outfit

On another day, I styled the top by pairing it with this high-waisted slit skirt. I bought the floral skirt a couple of years ago at Goodwill for under $4.00. Pairing the top tucked into the skirt made it seem quite sophisticated, but still a casual look.  

modeling outfit

The style and cut of the top makes it really versatile – I think it was a great find and an awesome addition to my closet. I’ll show you in the future other ways I plan to style this top.

In the meantime, get out and use your Goodwill coupon, and let me know what you find!

19 11, 2020

Giving Thanks for Thrifty Finds!

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Hello my lovely thrifters! I hope you’ve been well and are soaking in all the Autumn joys. Thanksgiving is drawing near and I wanted to share another Goodwill outfit with you.

I know with all the calamities of 2020, there will be different arrangements for our Thanksgiving gatherings. For some it’ll be an intimate gathering with a few family members, and for others it may be a virtual dinner party.

Whether you’ll be having dinner virtually or in person, to a degree I think it still matters to show up looking dazzling!

So here’s a simple yet a bit sophisticated orange dress I found on the racks at Goodwill for $12.98.

dress with price tag

When I first saw this dress, I immediately fell in love with the shoulder tie and the lace design that runs on the thigh. The material is really stretchy and hugging at the same time. And with a happy quarantined weight gain I initially thought it wouldn’t fit but it does!

dress close up

So who said dresses need to be paired with heels all the time? Guess what? I found white Tory Burch trainers at Goodwill for just $8.96!! If you’re familiar with the brand, they usually retail for around $200!

Tory Burch shoes

I couldn’t believe my eyes! They are unimaginably comfortable to walk in, and I love the blue sequin that runs on both sides of the shoes. I think it adds character to the shoe and adds an uplifting personality to the wearer!

shoes and tag

In all, my total outfit from Goodwil was just $21.94!

model at park

You really can’t beat that price!

I hope you have a lovely and memorable time with your loved ones. Continue to stay safe.

Always remember, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”- Lao Tzu

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