Tropical Storm Ready!

Hello thrift friends! I hope your summer has been off to a good start despite the rains, and the storm that’s on its way!

Today’s find I’m going to show you is quite a simple one that’s very much needed right now (and for most of the summer)! Take a moment to guess what item I found?

rain boots

If you guessed rain boots, then you’re right!  I found these animal print rain boots from Goodwill for just $7.98. They look new, are extremely comfortable and fit very nicely – SCORE!

rain boots on
Why not wear them every rainy day?

In the past, most rain boots I’ve owned are either too wide or too tight, but these are just the perfect fit – like regular boots, not rain boots. And since it’s been raining a lot lately (and lots more is coming), these boots are my go-to. For now it’s bye bye sandals, hello rain boots!

posing on street
Puddles are no match for me now!

They even look cute when it’s not raining! What do you think?

posing in boots

Stay safe and dry my thrifting friends! See you next time!

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