10 12, 2019

Joy to My Wallet!

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Hello lovely thrifters,
I’m Esther Bemah, also known as @thriftybesther on Instagram. About a year ago, I realized I could share my thrifted outfits and style with my friends on Instagram. I want people to know you CAN look your best on a budget! Nothing is more exciting than wearing your favorite brand labels at inexpensive prices while looking your absolute best! I’m super excited to use this space to share my love for thrifting and hopefully encourage you all to keep up the thrift life.

So, this past weekend I had the privilege of attending a Christmas party. I knew Goodwill would be the best place I could find the outfit I wanted to wear to the event. Lo and behold, Goodwill never ceases to amaze me! I found a brand new cute black mini dress from Zara. The original price was €39.95: which converts to about $44.00. But guess how much I purchased it from Goodwill?

dress and price tag
YUP, just $5.98 at Goodwill, brand new, tags still on!

I was able to pair the dress with red Calvin Klein heels, which were $14.96 at Goodwill, but the original price on Calvin’s website was over $100! You can see from the picture, the are like-new and super festive!

Also, since the evening weather was a bit chilly, I threw on a black London Fog jacket I thrifted over a year ago from Goodwill. I accessorized the outfit with two rings I purchased from Goodwill as well.

My outfit was incredibly comfortable, especially the shoes. I was able to dance the night away; which made me thoroughly enjoy the event! Below are some pictures of how I styled my new outfit.

I cannot wait to share more of my future finds!

Happy thrifting and Merry Christmas!

12 07, 2019

Porch PUNCH!

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Hello everyone and Happy Summer!
I hope you all have found a way to stay cool this season!  It has been a hot one so far.  Speaking of summer, I have been wanting to re-do our back porch for a while now.  We have been trying to re-paint the house and porch as well but have not had much success with all the rain.  I didn’t want to wait any longer to put my Goodwill finds to use so, here is what I found to spruce up the porch. Enjoy!

BEFORE – my porch was just a dull area with some seat cushions and nothing else.

porch furniture

So, I made a trip to Goodwill to see what I could find to spruce things up and add some color and life! First I found this table decor that was only about $2.16 on Goodwill’s half off color tag sale.
The faux greenery I already had.

table vase decor

This glass vase was just $4.98!

glass vase with rope

I also picked up the bar stool-turned-plant-stand for $2.98, again with Goodwill’s half off color tag sale!

bar stool with plant

The finishing touches were two throw pillows I found for $2.98 each at Goodwill, and a rug for $9.98. Here’s my “after” porch…with a PUNCH!

decorated porch

I hope you’re inspired to go take a look at your local Goodwill and see what you can find to change the look of an area of your home.

Most of all, have fun with it!

21 05, 2019

A Tricky Wall

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Hello Everyone! I’m Mercedes from Tampa, a Goodwill-Suncoast guest blogger. I hope you enjoy this post and some inspiration.

I absolutely LOVE to decorate and can’t wait to show you what I did over the weekend with my awesome Goodwill finds! You can usually find me at the Oldsmar superstore on the weekends searching for treasures.  Don’t forget the color tag sales!  I find things half off all the time.

Let’s jump right in and see what I got! I have been wanting a small gallery wall and I found the perfect items this weekend.

This was my cart at the end of the trip.  There are some items in the cart you will see the next time I post on the blog.

cart of items

First up is this cute sign with the arrows.  The Goodwill price was $2.98 but it was originally $15.99 from a department store.

framed picture

Next, I found these.  They were both less than $4. at Goodwill.

wooden wall decor

Here is the wall I’m working with.  It’s a bit awkward because there are vaulted ceilings so the wall comes in at a slant. It made it hard for me to picture everything straight. Still, I really like the way it turned out.  I already had the “Home” letters and the wreath.  Don’t forget to shop from other rooms in your home if you need more items. Thanks to my awesome hubby for leveling things out for me. 

living room

Let me know what you think!

15 02, 2019

Marie Kondo-rama!

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Hello friends! Long time no talk…you have my apologies. I have had a lot going on personally lately and it has really cut back on my shopping time! Things around here are returning to normal and I’m SO EXCITED because I keep reading about how many amazing goodies are being donated to Goodwill thanks to our joyful friend Marie Kondo from the Netflix series “Tidying Up.” It’s true that donations are ripe for the picking — my problem is TOO many things spark joy when I hold them 🙂

This is a White House Black Market shirt I snagged for $4.48, about a tenth of its retail price. The skirt is a camel colored Anne Klein that I bought with tags on for about $6. Nine West chunky heels making a routine appearance on my toes. Entire look, all from Goodwill: less than $20.

goodwill huntress outfit

I promised you guys this and here I am delivering! Remember the cry-worthy Ann Taylor pencil skirt you saw a while back? The one I bought as Goodwill’s color of the week for $2.88….then discovered it was brand new? It’s become one of my favorites.

On the right, I’m wearing a Liz Claiborne blouse I’ve shown you many times, a matching houndstooth belt…from a completely different (Goodwill-found Ann Taylor) dress, the infamous skirt, and my Nine West navy suede peep toes. Less than $15! This is probably my favorite outfit EVER, especially because it’s pieced together from so many sources.

But then one day….I wore it with this black peplum top on the left (it’s not a brand any of us would recognize, but it is Goodwill reborn) and some Aldo pumps (also Goodwill; stop doubting me!) and I think *this* might be my favorite outfit ever.

goodwill huntress outfit

What do you think?

I’ll finish up by showing you one of my casual Friday looks with a casual Friday face. This is a JC Penney brand top I found at Goodwill for less than $5. I love the colors and obviously the floral! I paired it with a Papaya short sleeved sweater (<$5) and some jeans my mom picked up at Costco for $6. They were a Christmas present! And this was the day I found out those awesome black Aldo pumps from the last picture give me blisters if I walk too much. That, my friends, is not something you can know before you buy in any store.

Watch out, Marie Kondo goodies! I’m coming for you! Happy Hunting, y’all!

10 12, 2018

Crying Over…a Skirt

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It’s becoming painfully obvious I have too many skirts. They’re just so easy! A trip to the Goodwill store in St. Petersburg on Gandy Blvd. recently cost me around $20 and I came away with TWO brand new items, one that was a super surprise.

I was feeling especially lazy on that day and didn’t want to try anything on. I shop a lot and have gotten pretty good at eyeballing clothes–especially if they’re stretchy 😉

I spotted this gorgeous Ann Taylor houndstooth pencil skirt and was thrilled to find it was only $4.88. And the tag was blue! Blue was the color of the week! This skirt was $2.88!

When I got it home and poked around a little more, I found the greatest gift of all…brand new tags inside. My $2.44 Ann Taylor skirt was brand new. (I’m emoji-crying right now and you guys don’t even know!)

I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet, but you bet I’ll share a photo when I do!

I also snagged a pair of brand new Tom’s shoes complete with cardboard in the toes for $6.96, another LuLaRoe skirt (it’s sparkly!) for $4.88 and a Seven brand long sleeved sweatery type shirt for $4.48. I’m ready for the holidays!

items of clothing

I dressed up this tank with a pencil skirt and a pair of Aldo black pumps for a casual workday look. I love my neutrals! This $4.48 Cable & Gauge shirt from Goodwill was a good way to give a whole new life to a skirt I have trouble matching.

outfit selfie

I was feeling particularly retro on this day! I don’t wear this skirt often–in fact, it’s almost been donated a time or two–but I’m glad it’s made the cut. It’s a little shorter than I generally go for, but I just loooooove the pattern! It feels like I’m advertising for the Hippie Dash for Peace, Love & Goodwill! (which if you haven’t been to, I highly recommend!)

The funky skirt isn’t any particularly well known brand, but it’s been worth every penny of the $5 I spent on it at Goodwill! The shirt is Bisou Bisou, a JC Penney brand, and my Nine West chunky heels are making their appearance again.

outfit selfie

What’s something in your closet you can’t seem to ever let go of? Are you terribly ashamed or wonderfully happy? Neither is wrong! Go find your treasures, Hunters!

27 11, 2018

An Amazing Fall Haul!

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I know spring cleaning is a thing, but hubby and I recently did some fall cleaning and that made more room in my closet for goodies!

Let me tell you what…I just love Goodwill’s Color of the Week program! It’s like a little extra bonus when you find something you love with that special little tag.

I went to the new location at 2550 34th St. N in St. Petersburg and came away with this whole lot for $57! Let’s count…

…that’s 12 things. TWELVE! And numerous things still had store tags!

pile of clothes

This might be my favorite new shirt. I love florals. Check! I love things I can wear with multiple colors. Check! I love sleeveless things because I’m always hot…lol. Check! Ann Taylor and less than $5! A cheery look with this previously purchased LuLaRoe skirt from Goodwill!

Huntress in outfit

I know for a fact this skirt originally came from Bealls Outlet because I’ve eyed it there before. I even know how much it is, and it’s twice the “boutique” price I paid at Goodwill. This was a $7 splurge, y’all! I paired it with those Vince Camuto studded heels and a plain white tee. Perfection!

Huntress in outfit

This White House Black Market shirt didn’t have tags on it, but the fabric looked suspiciously new to me…

This was a steal at only $4.48! Their shirts run about $50-100. Please ignore my less-than-enthusiastic sick-as-a-dog expression. I promise I’m jumping for joy inside!

I paired it with yet another LuLaRoe skirt that I can never match ANYTHING with and a chunky heeled Nine West slingback.

Huntress in outfit

I have another Goodwill haul to share with you all soon! Until then, Happy Hunting!

29 10, 2018

A Little Voodoo Magic

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What do you do when you don’t know what to be for Halloween? If you’re like me, you go to Goodwill! I never fail to find inspiration — and fantastic savings — while I’m there!

Take this Halloween for example. My husband and I had decided what we thought we wanted to be: I would be Cleopatra and he would be Marc Anthony. But when we got to Goodwill, other ideas began to surface. It all began when he spotted a new voodoo priest hat. Yes, I said new! Did you know Goodwill has TONS of news items for sale, especially in their Planet Halloween section? Now you do! Insider tip: All Halloween new items are now ON SALE! Go HERE for more info. 

That super cool hat inspired him to look for a dark suit to complete his voodoo priest outfit, and I went searching online for ideas. Which is where I got the idea to be a voodoo doll, sort of like this:


I went on the hunt for a simple dress that could be used as the basis for this voodoo doll look. Easy peasy. I quickly found a neutral t-shirt dress perfect for tearing up, and well under $10! I found a red donated children’s t-shirt to rip up for my heart and patches. Next, I went hunting for a little doll I could hold, and I could hardly believe it when I found the perfect one. Missing a leg, but that’s all part of the voodoo fun! This was my inspiration for my own doll to hold:

My husband, meanwhile, was using this scary dude as his inspiration:

He ended up finding a great sport coat and a sort of metallic shirt, along with lots of new accessories (from Goodwill!) to complete the look.

This is our final look, and I think WE NAILED IT! What do you think?

1 10, 2018

Baby Showers & Sweet Savings

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It’s been one of those years again where everyone around me is having babies and it seems like it’s all happening at once! I had THREE invites on one day a few weeks ago and had to pick which baby to shower. My Goodwill outfit just happened to coordinate perfectly!

Old Navy t shirt from Goodwill: $4

Pencil skirt from Goodwill: $6

Generic brand wedges from Goodwill: <$8? I’ve had these for a while.

Hubby is unusually not sporting anything from Goodwill this time. I assure you, that doesn’t mean we paid full price for anything!

huntress and hubby

Other than baby showers, we’ve been not doing much *fun* stuff lately. So my fun stuff has been pairing fun new things in my closet!

Liz Claiborne tee from Goodwill: $5

LuLaRoe skirt from Goodwill: $6

Aldo banana heels from Goodwill: $7

Looking sharp for under $20: PRICELESS!

(Also, bathroom photo because I haven’t been caught yet.)

goodwill outfit

Casual Friday!!! I was excited to wear these new capris I snagged a few weeks ago. I hate to report that they’re that fun material that fits wonderfully at the beginning of the day and much like a diaper at the end. I prefer things with a bit of stretch to them so they retain their shape. Another Old Navy tee in a similar color to the baby shower shirt and my studded Vince Camuto heels! Another entire outfit from Goodwill for less than $20!

Goodwill outfit

Where do you buy most of your work clothes? Hopefully your answer is Goodwill! Happy Hunting!

21 09, 2018

My Endless Summer

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Oh my! Can you believe summer is coming to an end already? Even though it’s 90-something degrees outside and perpetually sweaty?

I recently got a little bored with everything I’ve already paired in my closet and thought I’d try something wild. Ok, not that wild. What better to tie together an old Target navy and green tee and Goodwill acquired New York & Co. coral capris than floral pumps?! I snagged these at Goodwill a few years back and they are still some of my favorites. Since all of these items have been in my closet for while, I can’t give their exact price to you, but you know how I shop. Share the thrifty love!

floral pumps

One of the pluses of living in Florida is the constant ability to wear brights and florals even as the seasons change. I plan on taking advantage of that as long as I can.

Here I am feeling myself in a sleeveless Papaya top that I got for $4 at Goodwill and a Tommy Hilfiger khaki pencil skirt for $6 (also from Goodwill) with some White House Black Market rose colored pumps for less than $10 (!) at Goodwill. Even though these pumps are rose, they almost are a neutral in my opinion. What do you think?

I love this top and have worn it plenty of times both casually and professionally. A great snag!

We are just gonna pretend I never swore off the bathroom mirror, ok? I can’t be snapping selfies in an elevator full of people, y’all!

What matters here is the Goodwill prices anyway! Liz Claiborne sleeveless blouse $4…generic green skirt $4…studded Vince Camuto putty colored heels that have just enough *kick* to add a little flair to anything $12! That’s a cool as cucumber professional outfit for a mere $20!

(Sad to report this skirt ripped this very day and had to be retired. RIP, fun color. Thanks for being worth your price. <3)

Have you found anything good lately? Looking forward to next time, Hunters!



29 08, 2018

Red,White & Thrifty!

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I’ve come to realize my promise of no bathroom selfies just isn’t feasible. One only has access to so many full length mirrors in their daily lives.

This next little patriotic outfit will definitely be on repeat in my closet even though I’ve had all the pieces forever! I paired this Liz Claiborne navy peplum top with a LuLaRoe bright red skirt and a pair of suede Jessica Simpson heels. Everything from Goodwill except that awesome necklace–that comes from my mama’s stash of cool stuff she’s given me over the years.

The white is obviously my pale skin. America!

outfit selfie

Story time! On a recent trip to the Goodwill store on Gandy Blvd, it seemed like all of St. Pete had come out with me. There were people everywhere. I loved seeing so many people finding deals! While we were waiting to check out, a cute little girl was entertaining herself by trying on all the sunglasses. She tried on this next pair, grinned, and put them back. So I snagged them. Who wouldn’t snag brand new Foster Grants for just $3.99?!?

Full disclosure, on the same Goodwill trip I didn’t end up buying these next shoes, which I may end up regretting. They were super, super cute but I just couldn’t see myself wearing them with much AND they weren’t exactly the most comfortable. They were only $7.96 but I decided to save my closet for something I would both love and wear often. Plus I’d never heard of the brand. Lots of cons, not many pros. But look how cute…

I’ll leave you with this photo of me obviously feeling myself in head to toe Goodwill. Goodwill blouse. Goodwill skirt. Goodwill shoes.

You guys know I love the bright cheery colors in office settings! I did just donate this skirt too, so it’s up for grabs if you guys really like 😉

outfit selfie