30 07, 2018

Rainy Days & Mondays

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My GOODNESS it’s been raining a lot lately! I’ve killed a lot of rainy hours this month inside Goodwill. Whenever that happens, I end up looking at all the goodies I would normally breeze past. New home goods! Ooo a cat toy. And you just know you’ll find something good in the art bin. Something like, a needlepoint monk, perhaps?

needlepoint monk

(And no, you can’t have it. One friend has already requested that I go back and purchase it for her.)

I also found this nifty shelf-mirror which I sent to my husband as a hint but he was either too slow to respond or very smart. I suspect the latter.

On a recent rainy Sunday, I visited the new Goodwill at 2550 34th St. N. in St. Pete. My cousin Sarah came with me (a fellow GW Enthusiast!) and we listened to it pour while we wandered. I didn’t leave with much, but I did find these (brand new?!) Nike sneakers! $6.96! Woohoo! Sarah left with a cart full of various home decor and made me promise to keep my eyes peeled for dining room chairs. I’m on it!

I also brought home a new casual T-shirt from American Eagle that I paid less than $3 after Goodwill’s Color of the Week discount! I have already worn it while eating and dropped food on it. I am a mess.

In all reality, I’ve been doing the 9-5 grind a lot lately with an event thrown in here or there. I recently figured out a way to pair two items from Goodwill I’ve worn separately a million times and I got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on my “cute little set.” News flash: not a set. And not a name brand. (Except those Aldo pumps I’ve featured before.) But let’s not let them know that.


Looking forward to sharing some more of my new pairings with you! Happy Hunting!

3 07, 2018

Shoes & Stripes Forever

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Guys, I haven’t felt very lucky lately in my favorite department: shoes! Is it because you guys are out there snatching up all the good ones!? I hope so!

I did find one new pair recently that I’m just in love with. They were a half size larger than I normally wear, but you know the rule: try them on! These Nine West slingbacks with a hidden buckle were only $6.96 and are nearly brand new. I got loads of compliments AND saved about 90%!

I recently brought these last shoes out of retirement with a little help from Handy Hubby. I’m pretty rough on my heels (thankfully I don’t pay that much for them!) and the heel cap had worn off. You could hear me coming a mile away with my click-thump click-thump gait. It wasn’t cute.

Luckily, I keep a stash of heel caps in my jewelry box. Doesn’t everyone?

New heel caps installed and another leg of life for these cute yellow Aldo peeptoes! A great summer shoe seeing a third life for $7.96! I paired them with a stretchy tropical print skirt from a brand I’ve never heard of along with a super comfy black tee. Another $20 outfit where the shoes alone would have cost nearly $100. Feeling good!

Buying versatile things is one of the *keys* to a great closet! Here is the same shirt as above paired with a different skirt. You guys know I love prints. And you know I love black and white. That being said, I try to buy every black shirt I can that fits me and can be worn with a variety of things. I wear them out!

This Worthington skirt was brand new with tags still on when I bought it for $4.98 a few months ago. I was so excited! I washed it and my dreams of grandeur came tumbling down. All the white stripes had been dyed PINK. I asked Handy Hubby if he could tell it wasn’t originally pink and he said no…but I knew and that was enough. It took some pretty serious stain remover and multiple trips through the washing machine, but in the end I was successful. I wasn’t giving up on this deal!

The jewelry is hand-me-down and one of my favorite pieces. The shoes are BCBG and are one of my very first thrifting finds from nearly ten years ago when I still lived in Gainesville! They used to have an ankle strap that I cut off about five years into our relationship. Things have been better ever since! Don’t be afraid to alter something to how you want it to be, especially if you’ve gotten a great deal!

Do you ever wonder what’s in those cups in my elevator selfie?! I think I would be curious if I were in your shoes. That is my morning breakfast shake filled with delicious nutritious…kale. Yum. Let me know if you want my recipe 😉

25 06, 2018

Only Got $20 in My Pocket

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Hello my little hunters! I don’t know about you, but my life has been just a flurry of activity lately! I’m pretty sure every single one of my friends is pregnant, so that means lots of baby showers and gender reveals.

I’ve worn this dress for a million occasions and you’ve seen a bunch of them: a tea party, brunch date, baby shower, gender reveal, and I’m sure I’m missing a few. We’re down to less than $1.00 per wear at this point! (Look how cute my friend Erika is!)

Other than baby showers…I’ve been working. My new job is still wonderful and provides me with so many elevator selfie opportunities. Lucky you!

Here I am in a colorful blouse (it’s not a recognizable brand but still one of my favorites!) and a LuLaRoe blue colorblock pencil skirt. I snatch up any kind of skirt I can find in this type of material because can we say C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E? I think I have five. This is a judgement free zone. The shoes are grey suede Aldo peep toes that retail for about $90. I paid less than $10. Entire outfit for approximately $20. Cue Macklemore and the Thrift Shop poppin’ tags song. But wait, there’s more!


Speaking of those LuLaRoe skirts….here’s one I found for $6.98. In this same shopping trip, I found another one in a different print for $4.98. Hmmm. A deal regardless! I paired this solid bright red with a printed black and white top I’ve had for a while that I paid about $5 for at the Oldsmar Goodwill years ago. The shoes are faux suede Jessica Simpson pumps I’ve also had for a while. Another outfit around $20!

Stay tuned for more elevator selfies and heels! Until then, happy hunting!

6 06, 2018

Shoes, Skirts, Repeat!

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First off, I have a confession to make. I didn’t buy this shirt at Goodwill. I bought it at Target more years ago than I will admit here and it is two sizes too big. BUT it’s great for days you feel like wearing something light and blousy and no one knows a thing once you cinch it with a belt!

I paired it with a LuLaRoe skirt I found brand new a few months ago. I’ll admit I’d always been curious about the hype of this particular brand but I wasn’t willing to spend the amount of money required to buy….anything from them. It was super convenient to find my favorite article of clothing to test out for less than $5!

The faux-leather Jessica Simpson heels are my go-to rainy weather shoe. While I prefer leather, it’s a great idea to keep something synthetic in your closet for those (ever-present) Florida rainy days. I never worry about ruining them. And the day I do…I’ll go find another pair!

I had to work for these next shoes but they are oh-so-worth-it. I bought them for $9.98 with stars in my eyes a while ago. I didn’t inspect them well enough and when I got them home I discovered


that I somehow missed in the store! I had a wedding to attend recently and they were the absolute perfect shoe…so I sewed. And I sewed. And I sewed some more. And in the end, you couldn’t even tell and they held up all night.

Considering they retail for over $100, I’d say it was a good save. They’re pretty funky but I can’t wait to find something else to wear them with!

shoes and skirt

Happy Hunting, my friends! I hope you’re leaving some pencil skirts and heels for me!

24 05, 2018

BCBG and Me!

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Peplums have faded from current fashion, but I still love them so much. They are super flattering for curvy girls like me and they can be worked into so many different looks. Cue this Liz Claiborne peplum I found for $4.48. I wore it with a pair of Cache brown dress pants I’ve had forEVER and some Calvin Klein faux snakeskin pumps I’ve had for the same amount of time. Another head to toe Goodwill look for at least 50% less than I would have paid for any single piece at retail!

(Also, for a little while this Spring, I had to bring tissues with me everywhere I went. Thankfully, the oaks have relented!)

Ah yes, the day I found this top was a really good Goodwill day. Let’s reflect for a moment….ahhhhhh…..


Nothing like a good bathroom selfie! I forgot to snap an elevator pic this morning and wanted to see if bathroom > elevator…I decided to discontinue the trend. That being said, it did give me a pretty good opportunity to show you my “new” BCBG blouse! This blouse had a weird pea greenish twin I left behind…don’t judge me. It wouldn’t have gone with anything! But this had a regular price tag of $4.48 and puffy sleeves and I was just smitten. It doesn’t hurt that it would run about $100 brand new!

The Merona pencil skirt and faux-suede Jessica Simpson pumps capped off a perfectly classy little outfit and you know they came from Goodwill too. I promise to never disgrace something so nice with a bathroom photo ever again!

A little note on the necklace–it’s a flying bird made out of shell that I’ve loved since I was a little girl. When my grandmother died many, many years ago, it was passed down to me and remains one of my favorite pieces to this day!

I don’t look for much jewelry at Goodwill anymore (because I really don’t need any!) but I like the sentiment behind wearing something that someone else once loved and carrying on its legend.

What are some of your favorite hand-me-down pieces, either purchased or inherited?

2 05, 2018

New Raves & Old Faves

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I was sooooooooo excited when I found this next skirt: a combination of all my favorite things! Stretchy! Black and white! Colorful! A print! It’s not any particularly well known brand – Sunny Leigh, but I’ve already worn the heck out of all $5.98 of it. My favorite color to pair with it is black since it’s a little busy, but part of its glory is that it could go with so many colors.

The faux-suede red Jessica Simpson heels from my closet were a perfect complement and the high sides on this little back tee are both flattering and let me show off a little more of the fun print.

Side note: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and as you can see…I drink mine!

While we’re on the subject of color, let me tell you a little funny story. I was wearing this next outfit when I walked into a luncheon…late…where everyone was wearing black and white business attire. OOPS. Can’t help being myself!

My favorite jacket paired with a highlighter yellow blouse and a floral printed top. Nude Nine West T-strap heels finish it off. Head to toe from Goodwill for around $25. Jealous yet?

With my concentration on the new job, I haven’t been to Goodwill in a few weeks! This is a situation that needs to be rectified immediately…

Have you guys been snatching up all the good stuff in my absence? I hope you’ve left some for me!

12 04, 2018

First Day Outfit Jitters

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Hi guys! I’ve had so many fun #ootd moments at my new job and a wonderful elevator mirror to snap some photos for you!

After some stressing about what to wear on Day #1, I settled on this recently acquired little black and white peplum dress I found for $6.98. I tried to hunt it down online with not much luck, but it looks like this line, Beige by eci, is available at Kohl’s. It’s a super comfy jersey-kinda knit–my favorite business attire secret 😉 The tags weren’t on it, but the fabric appeared to still be brand new!

I paired it with a hand-me-down retro black beaded necklace from a friend’s mom and some familiar black and white heels from White House Black Market, part of this haul you might remember!

My new employer is a little more casual than my previous one, so you may see a shift in my day to day style–but I won’t be giving up on my pencil skirts and heels. I just see this as an opportunity to go shopping (!!!) and to spend Fridays in my favorite jeans…also from the GW!

27 03, 2018

Spring Forward & Save Tons!

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I’m enjoying the last little bit of a vacation while I prepare for my new job and what else to do but shop for some fresh new looks to accompany the fresh new start! ? I wanted to give you a little example of some before and after that happens when you thrift.

You can clearly see what my spring wardrobe color scheme is, right!? Here are all the things I wanted to try on as I browsed the aisles in the new Goodwill at 34th St. N. in St. Pete. Side note I’ve mentioned before: get a cart! You’ll regret clinging to all your goodies while trying to look through the racks without dropping anything. Save those muscles for the grocery bags!

Luckily, I was the only person in the fitting rooms so no one minded me taking up a bunch of time trying on all my things. Some things I just loved didn’t work but that means they returned to the wilderness for the next Huntress.

Here’s the final photo. There are some real treasures here! A Vince Camuto blouse, brand new, with $89 tags still attached! A BCBG blouse, a Nine West tank top, a casual Old Navy tee, a workout shirt, and a generic stretchy pencil skirt in a fun color. A biiiiiig adjustment from my original shopping cart, but a great trip nonetheless!


Similarly, here’s a recent trip to the Gandy Blvd. location. My cart almost looks the same! I’m so glad Spring gave me a reason to clean out my closet.

And here is what I ended up with; OBVIOUSLY the shoes came home with me!

13 03, 2018

Donated Clothes for Fresh Starts!

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2018 is shaping up to be a really big year for us. I recently accepted a position with a new company and have spent the last days in a transition period reflecting and planning for the road ahead. One thing I know for sure is that I’ll look good! And my new office space comes equipped with a pretty snazzy selfie feature too.

Before I left the old office, I had a silly time with our receptionist taking some ridiculous photos showing off my new favorite skirt from Goodwill.

I’ve had that dark teal top for ages, but loved it with this new little generic brand skirt I splurged on even though it really wasn’t a boutique item. $9.98 is worth it with a pattern like that!  I can wear this with so many colors. Keeping it paired with a neutral Nine West patent pump (also from Goodwill, of course) keeps the whole look tied together. Notice another favorite piece, my coral blazer, making a not-at-all-rare reappearance.

Goodwill Huntress

You guys know I love my florals! And we curvy girls really love our stretchy materials too.

outfit close up

Here’s a sneak peak at the selfie feature coming to an office near you!  I’m super pumped to be able to more easily share some #ootd posts with you. That’s “outfit of the day” if you’ve forgotten. Goin’ up, see you next time! 

goodwill huntress in elevator

26 02, 2018

Heel Yes!

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I need a bigger closet. Do you think my husband is reading this? His honey-do list is constantly growing thanks to me. I just see so many pretty things that need to come home with me!

Check out these Halogen heels I found for $7.96 last week. Those stripes! That floral heel! ? I almost passed them up but decided to try them on anyway, despite being a half size small. I’m so glad I did.

I love prints and just knew these needed to be worn with something classic yet bold.

Something like….this! I wore this top a few posts ago, but it looks a lot different with lime green ? This is one my favorite #ootd looks (that’s “outfit of the day” for you non-hashtaggers) of all time! I can’t wait to pair these heels with some other stuff. You know I’ll share!