13 02, 2018

How to Inherit Good Jeans!

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Living in St. Pete comes with some pretty sweet perks: loads of sunshine, tons of festivals to choose from, and lots to appease your palette! Let’s talk about a typical date night outfit…

Goodwill Huntress in jeans

These are my FAVORITE jeans…ever. It’s true. They’re the perfect pair of Levi’s and I paid $6.98 for them and have worn them fifty bajillion times since I got them. In fact, I’m wearing them as I type this too!

I love looking for jeans at Goodwill because they literally have almost every brand, every style, and every cut–you can try on everything until you figure out what fits your body type best.

The top is a little Target t-shirt I found for $4.28–nothing fancy, but it pairs well with a lot of different things. The sweater–New York & Company, and so old it came from a pre-thrifting era. My favorite Target brand blazer making an appearance again. Dressed up or down, it’s a winner! The Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes were a bought secondhand from an online vendor. You can never say I wasn’t good at matching…

Goodwill Huntress in jeans

I’ve made it by the new Goodwill twice but haven’t found any goodies yet. I need to wake up earlier! I have a few new fun things to show you from the Central and Gandy locations, though.

Happy Hunting!

7 02, 2018

That 70s Thrifter!

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I took a quick trip back to the 70s this week but sadly didn’t get to be in any cheesy movie montages.


This is a silk e.c.i. top I refuse to get rid of that I found at the Oldsmar Goodwill years ago. It reminds me of a koi fish! Over it I’m wearing a Merona (Target’s old brand) sweater and a brown pair of Caché “boutique” brand pants for $6.98. The shoes were a gift from a generous friend cleaning out her closet and I love them! Anne Taylor had some great shoes for work, in my opinion.

I’m going to swing by the BRAND NEW Goodwill in St. Pete this weekend! I can’t wait to see all the goodies inside and I know you can’t wait for me to share! If you haven’t heard, the new store is at 2550 34th St. North. Come thrift with me!

2 02, 2018

Fashionable Friday!

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My Friday looks tend to be a little more casual, which I sometimes interpret as FUN. (Let’s be real, I try to have fun all the time 😉 )

I love the chilly weather! Let’s celebrate the few times we get to pull out the scarves and boots.

These are charcoal New York & Co. pants I’ve had forever but of course found at Goodwill for around $5, paired with a “boutique” White House Black Market top I splurged on for a few dollars more than normal. I love this top, but I totally understand why it was at Goodwill. It has both brown tones and black tones and it can be hard to match…so I wear it with charcoal! Pay attention to these things when you’re shopping!

And hey…remember this jacket? Here it is getting some more use! Side note: I need a floor length mirror. Keep your eyes peeled at Goodwill for me!

I can see the weekend from here!

22 01, 2018

Black & White & Looks Good All Over!

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I had a work conference last week and it was a little chilly again! I paired my $6.98 “boutique” Caché pants (they’re stretchy like yoga pants!) with a $4.98 black and white floral print top and a retro Donna Toran blazer. I can’t remember how much I paid for the blazer because I’ve had it for so many years and worn it so many times!

The black and white peep toes are from White House Black Market (before making their way to Goodwill, of course!): you’ve seen them before in a big shoe haul.

Sometimes it is just black and white, but when it is, it needs to be perfect and crisp. It helps if it was totally affordable!

I think I look pretty sharp; what about you!?

4 01, 2018

Freezing, Schmeezing!

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Brrrr! Were you ready for this cold snap? I was, thanks to Goodwill!

I brought out my favorite “Florida” sweater, an Ann Taylor piece I bought a few months ago for $4.98 and paired it with a pair of white Talbot’s dress pants for $6.98. (These pants aren’t stretchy and it’s post-holiday season. Oof.)


I thought maybe the camouflage would allow me to blend into the walls and avoid working, but alas, that did not work 😉

But what about outside?! My thin-blooded arms would freeze! Nahhhh. I’ve got them covered (pun intended) with this (maybe vintage?) nifty maroon blazer that’s one of my favorite color pop pieces! It’s wool and is VERY warm and has cost me about a quarter per wear at this point since it’s been with me for so many years. It’s traveled to Philadelphia and Boston and has never let me down.

I personally love this chilly opportunity to wear the things in my closet that only see light once a year!

What is your favorite cold weather Goodwill find?

11 12, 2017

Baby, let’s cruise!

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I’m going on a cruise. I thought I’d go to Goodwill and find all sorts of fun tropical stuff. I tried. Instead I found stuff I’ll use for work AND some fun holiday dresses! No complaints here.

Are you a size 4? I’m not and have no plans to be, but this dress made me wish I was! If you are, you should rush down to the Central location and see if you can find this Vince Camuto dress for $12.98. It still has all the tags on it… including the $165 manufacturer’s tag! Someone, PLEASE?! This is a fashion emergency. This dress needs to be worn!


It’s so not cruisewear, but I’ve already worn this Alfani dress to work this week. It was a boutique item for $9.98, but I couldn’t leave it there with the flared skirt masquerading as pleats. I paired it with some plain black heels (you get one guess where they came from) and a casual blazer and it was the perfect look for work!

My mom vetoed this little boutique dress because it looks too much like another dress I own! She was right, and when you thrift as much as I do, you need to make wise choices. I always have a laundry basket in my closet of items ready to be returned to the Goodwill Circle of Life. Sometimes you just don’t wear something like you thought you would. Sometimes the color is great, but doesn’t match anything else you have. Sometimes you just found something you liked better and it turns out you wear that more! Regardless, remember to always give back–in more ways than one!

P.S. — everyone text-shops with their mom, right?

For reference, here is the dress that looked too similar. I like what I like!

I think this dress is coming with me for cruise formal night. Hooray! That was the goal, after all. It’s a London Times dress and if it was worn, it was very lightly. The fabric feels stiff and new. I “splurged” and spent $9.98 on this boutique item too, but I foresee many wears in its future, and I already know which dress it’ll replace in my closet. One with a similar cut, but a funky length that I’m never 100% pleased with. Goodwill Circle of Life!

I’ll save some of my other goodies (including the dress with a stain I knowingly took a HUGE chance on) for another post, but I will share these cruise-perfect Aldo wedges before I go! $6.96 and very lightly used, only on carpet. Maybe even just as a display model. Goodwill, never stop being you!

Until next time, Bon Voyage, thrifters!



1 11, 2017

Hey there, Fall!

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Happy November! There’s been a lot to celebrate lately. My lovely cousin Sarah is getting married soon and I am co-hosting her bridal shower this weekend! Amidst all the chaos, I’ve still looked super cute for work this week AND I wore some of my new Goodwill goodies! Let me share them with you…

Little black peplum top paired with my new-to-me LuLaRoe pencil skirt and those new Charles by Charles David chunky pumps! The skirt was $4.88 from the Gandy Blvd. store and see the price on the pumps yourself! Not bad for less than $12 amiright?

If you follow me or Goodwill on social media, you might have gotten a sneak peek at this next little number. We had our semi-annual meeting at work and I needed to look polished and proper in front of about 70 professionals. Goodwill to the rescue! And I got to wear those brand new Steve Madden animal print heels. The skirt and shirt are both Target brands–only one was purchased there, though.

Fall is here, I guess, though you wouldn’t always know by going outside. It seems my wardrobe as slipped more into warm tones. Until next time I go shopping, anyway! ?

This was Thursday’s gem; a fun little dress I bought many moons ago at the Oldsmar store and my brand new Steven by Steve Madden heels!

A note about these: these are a size 9 and I normally wear a 7½ -8. But different brands run differently and in my experience, my friend Steve makes his shoes a little smaller. So don’t write them off right away! There are some treasures hidden in plain sight!

22 09, 2017

Post-Irma Fashion

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Heyo! We survived Irma! I hope you all fared well through Irma’s fury. Like much of Pinellas County, we had a lot of debris down but were fortunate to only lose power for less than 24 hours. Internet, however, has been a different story….

Actually, the hurricane is a good place to start. You know that handy hubby of mine loves Goodwill almost as much as I do–just maybe not for the same reasons. He loves their household goods and used tools!

The cardinal rule still applies here: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS test out your goodies! Goodwill supplies electrical outlets in the home goods area and you are silly if you don’t test your stuff out. We’ve gotten countless small household appliances and tools over the course of the last ten years. They were also super helpful for hurricane prep! Batteries, tape, gloves, buckets…all new. Expect a post in the future about the useful stuff we’ve found.

Ah, life after Irma. I went back to work on Tuesday–a welcome distraction from my internetless home. I was REALLY excited to wear these brand new Guess heeled snakeskin sandals, can’t you tell? They were $9.96 at the Gandy store and their slightly pink undertone matched perfectly with this pale peach Merona dress, which I found new at the Oldsmar store a year or two ago. You’ve seen her before, but she remains one of my classic favorites.


Guys, I have a confession. I own no khaki. No tan. No beige.

I basically live in pencil skirts and dresses and the grand majority of them are black based. But this is Florida! And we break the white after Labor Day rule, gosh darnit, so I’m going to wear spring colors in the fall and you can’t stop me. Imagine my delight (or maybe just look at my face) when I found this brand new The Limited pencil skirt for $4.88 at the Clearwater store during their 25% off Post-Irma Sale!!! The tags had been taken off, but the slit was still stitched shut. Always check the details! I paired it with this Bealls Outlet sleeveless blouse and some suede Jessica Simpson peep toes, also from Goodwill. The best part about the skirt? Machine washable. My favorite words.

When you don’t have internet…you shop. For shoes. Duh. Thanks Irma!

From left to right:

Charles by Charles David, new at the Clearwater store: $6.96 – Retail on this brand runs between $80-$150, depending on the shoe.

White House | Black Market, very lightly used at the Clearwater store: $7.96 – Retail $100+

Steven by Steve Madden, new at the Central store: $5.96 – Retail $100-150

Steve Madden, new at the Gandy store: $7.96 – Retail around $90

Bebe, lightly used at the Gandy store: $9.96 – Retail $100-125

STOP: Guys, I broke my own rule here. ? These have a broken strap I didn’t discover until I got home! In my opinion, still worth it even with the repair. But ALWAYS CHECK YOUR GOODIES!

Aldo, new (or maybe lightly used…worn one time, on carpet) at the Gandy store: $5.96 – Retail around $90

Adriana, new (but a sole needs to be glued) at the Gandy store (with Nordstrom Rack tags): $7.96 – Retail: it’ll be a surprise when I take the tag off!

Next up: all the rest of my Post-Irma Sunshine Sale steals! Until then…Happy Hunting!

5 09, 2017

Totality Awesome!

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Hi Friends! Sorry it’s been some time since you’ve heard from me! I’ve done lots of things in my absence, but traveling to South Carolina to see the total eclipse was by far the coolest thing. It’s not Goodwill related (trust me….pretty much everything else in the suitcase was!) but I thought I’d share a selfie from a moment during totality. If you can ever travel to see totality…do it!


Sadly, after the trip ended I had to come back to reality. Luckily I had a closet full of cute work clothes to keep my spirits up! Remember that little red Nine West peplum? She had her time to shine and she did not disappoint! The Color of the Week is going to be my (widely known) secret to finding boutique items for even less from now on. Remember, the Color of the Week is 50% off of the tagged price, making this brand new dress just under $5!

I’ve had this next look in my closet for quite some time, but due to weight fluctuations (this is real life, people!) the skirt hasn’t come out in a while. When she did, I got lots of compliments on how colorful and cheery I looked! The skirt is New York & Company and was bought from the regular priced rack a few years ago for less than $6 and the shirt is not a recognizable brand, but has held up really well over the years! The suede shoes are from Steve Madden and were only lightly used when I found them.

I’ll end this post with a laugh from my “Goodwill Oddities” collection. You just never, ever know when you’ll need a raccoon lamp or a turkey lamp…but when you find yourself in need, you know where to go!

Happy Hunting, friends!!

31 07, 2017

Heels & Hobnail

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My lovely cousin Sarah texted me this week and asked if I wanted to go to Goodwill with her. She’s the one getting married in November, remember? She’s on the hunt for hobnail glass vases (??? ← me until I Googled) and some other wedding related items. Obviously I said yes! We’d meet there in 20 minutes.

I got there first, grabbed a cart and headed straight for the shoes. Always get a cart! Always! You’ll look silly carrying all those goodies around the store like a wandering nomad ?

Found some nearly new black pumps! Woohoo. I wear my black pumps until their last days, so finding a new pair makes this huntress happy.

I cheesily broke out the selfie stick to document this NWOT jersey knit Old Navy dress I found on the same trip for $5.98! Paired with that nearly new pair of Jessica Simpson pumps? $16 outfit!

I have no photos wearing this little beaut yet; first she needs some love and definitely an iron! But here’s a fitting room sneak peek because I’m just so excited…

Tags On. Nine West. Boutique Item. COLOR OF THE WEEK!!! Meaning, it was 50% off its already low price!

This gorgeous red girl came home with me for just $4.99! I tried in vain to find her for sale online somewhere to gauge my savings, but I fell short. I’d guess she doesn’t retail for any less than $50!

I couldn’t leave you hanging on the cool things Sarah found for her Old Florida themed wedding! She did snag a hobnail glass vase, and for only $1.98! Only three more to find!

And she found this nifty wooden box she plans on using to display her collection of vintage post cards! I can’t wait to see what she does with the rest of the theme.

I keep my eyes peeled for her every time I go because you just don’t know what you might find on any given trip.

On that note, I think in the future I’d like to share some of my most unique finds with you! You might even see something from this trip ?

Until then, Happy Hunting! May all your tags be the Color of the Week!